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What not to tell your insurer after an accident

Posted by GuruDan on August 19, 2010

Never admit fault, and always tread carefully
CHICAGO — Everyone knows, or should know, that you should never lie to your insurance company — that would be fraud — but what you say and what you do does matter.
Moreover, it could mean the difference between how much of, say, an automobile accident, is covered and what impact it will have on your premium… read more…


Insurance claims: Don’t worry, I’m covered

When does filing an insurance claim make sense?
Someone just backed into your car in a supermarket parking lot, then took off, leaving you with a dinged fender and a smashed taillight. Should you file an insurance claim and take the chance that your premiums will soar as a result?

Or maybe a storm toppled a tree and caused several hundred dollars worth of damage to your garage. Is that a worthwhile claim? Or will you just wind up giving the money back to the insurance company through increased premiums?

To find out, we canvassed insurance brokers across the country. Here’s what they told us: read more… 


Autos: Going for broker

You’ve heard of mortgage brokers, now meet the car broker. A good one can save you thousands on your next car.

You’ve heard of insurance brokers and mortgage brokers — but how about car brokers?

Well, they’re out there, and the right one could save you thousands on your next car.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by a fast-talking car salesman, or bewildered by all the financing options, you may want to hire a pro to do your car buying for you. Jim Davidson says his Toronto company, Car Smart Inc., can even your odds against a professional salesperson by sending in an experienced negotiator to do battle for you… read more…


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