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Journey to Toronto… One city… Many nations…

Posted by GuruDan on June 25, 2009

The Canadian Association of Insurance Women (CAIW/ACFA) held its 43rd (2009) Annual Meeting and Convention in Toronto this year. Hosted by the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA), the Toronto chapter of the CAIW, its theme was an astounding tribute to the multicultural mosaic of the rich heritage of this incredible Canadian city… One City…Many nations… It goes without saying that Toronto has evolved as the largest diversified populated metropolis in Canada… in the words of TIWA “ Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the heart of the nation’s commercial, financial, industrial and cultural life, and is one of the world’s most livable urban centres”, an acknowledgment of which all Torontonians, and Canadians, can be proud.

The CAIW/ACFA AGM/Convention was held at the Toronto Delta Chelsea for the period June 3-7, 2009. The entire event, from the opening ceremonies to the closing banquet, was filled with that pure nostalgic essence that only the Chelsea could provide… for those of you who are familiar with Leonard Cohen’s “I remember you well at the Chelsea hotel” can attest to the state of emotions at this sensational gathering. Laughter was laughed…talks were talked…speeches were delivered…jokes were made, feasting was abundant, drinks were drank, shooters were shot, dances were danced, friendships were formed and rekindled, and tears were shed, and ABBAmania rocked… all in all, there was a mixture of gaiety, education, learning, comraderie, and absolute Canadiana protocols. This was a gala to absolutely must attend.



CAIW/ACFA was formed in 1966. Original membership consisted of representative associations from Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Saint John, Toronto, Windsor, Winnipeg and Hamilton.
Mission Statement
To preserve and enhance the value of our member Associations through education, networking and the fostering of personal growth.
Aims and Purposes
To provide and encourage education programs on a national level and to assist member associations with their programs.
To cultivate good fellowship, loyalty and networking among its members.
To make its members more responsive to the requirements of the Canadian Insurance Industry as a whole.
Chapters include
Insurance Professionals of Calgary (IPC) 
Edmonton Insurance Association (EIA)
Hamilton District Insurance Association
London Insurance Professionals Association 
Manitoba Association of Insurance Professionals 
Association des Femmes d’Assurance de Montreal (AFAM)
Northwestern Ontario Insurance Professionals 
Nova Scotia Insurance Women’s Association (NSIWA) 
Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA) 
Insurance Women’s Association of Western Manitoba (IWAWM)


Founded in 1960, TIWA is a not-for-profit association of members of the insurance industry who meet in a social atmosphere to educate members and help them reach their potential both professionally and personally. TIWA also promotes the spirit of friendship and service in the industry and high ethical standards in business and social relations.
Any person working within the insurance industry is eligible for membership in TIWA.
Joining TIWA is an affirmation to your peers, the industry and the consumer, whom you ultimately serve, of your dedication to the industry through your professional and personal growth.

1) Mary Lou O’Reilly, IBC, Vice President, Public Affairs and Marketing
Assisted by Agota (Agi) Gabor, The Gabor Group, Journalist, Television Producer, Agency Executive, Entrepreneur
2) Jean Jacques Henchez, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., Managing Director
4) Glenn McGillivray, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), Managing Director
5) Charles Sebourin, Steamatic Canada, General Manager
6) Tracey Moore, City TV, Television Show Host

1 ) AKA New Media, Toronto ON, Contact: Erin McKeever. Tel. (416) 323-3490
2 ) Avis Budget Group, Toronto ON, Contact: Phil Wayland, Tel. (416) 646-7814
3 ) Belron Canada/Speedy Glass, Concord ON, Contact: Joe Celima, Tel. (905) 932-0404
4 ) Compu-Quote Inc., Windsor ON, Contacts: Suzana Leslie, Pam Stoehr and Debbie Summers, Tel. (519) 974-7283
5 ) Custom Software Solutions Inc., Virden MB, Contact: Brent Cuthbert, Tel. (877) 281-6944
6 ) Disaster Kleenup Canada Limited, Mississauga ON, Contact: Phil Moore, Tel. (905) 820-0188
7 ) Encon Group Inc., Ottawa ON, Contact: Joanne M. Hawthorne, Tel. (613) 786-2000
8 ) First General Services Canada, Toronto ON, Contact: Michael Flatt, Tel. (416) 665-6680
9 ) Fortify Solutions, Pottageville ON, Contacts: Ian Barrett and Jacques Fortin, Tel. (905) 939-8133
10) Insurance Institute of Canada, Toronto ON, Contact: Zina Tofano, Tel. (416) 362-8586 Ext.2226
11) K & K Insurance Canada, Mississauga ON, Contact: Joanne Greco, Tel. (905) 214-6049
12) MEA Forensics Engineers & Scientists, Mississauga ON, Contact: Lucy Zhao, Tel. (905) 507-1844
13) Steamatic Canada Inc., Ajax ON, Contacts: Tim Small and Carl Wilson, Tel. (905) 686-5854
14) Steamatic Canada Inc., Georgetown ON, Contacts: Upla and Saga Gunasinghe, Tel. (905) 877-2320
15) Steamatic Canada Inc., Toronto ON, Contact: Amanda Small, Tel. (416) 684-0822
16) Winmar, London ON, Contact: Debbie Matz, Tel. (905) 637-8246

1) DigitalOffset Creations, Div. of Tramca Group Inc., for signage and large format printing, Toronto ON, Contact: Danny Ramsundar, Tel. (416) 855-4327 Email: dr.ramsundar@tramca.com Website: http://www.tramca.com
2) Thanks to all contributors of gifts, prizes, awards and miscellaneous cornucopia that completed the convention…you know who you are…for credit in this article please see the footnotes for contact information…

(a) Information on membership to TIWA can be obtained from its website, www.tiwa.org OR contacting Cathy S. Ramsundar at 1-866-527-8645 or her website, www.csrinsurance.ca
(b) To all members of all the chapters of CAIW who wish to share their convention experience and photos/videos…please go to the Ontario Insurance Network at http://oingroup.ning.com/?xgi=gewf6JV and join, update your page, and upload your photos/videos to share with the world of insurance…
(c) For any omissions/errors/inquiries please email to the author at

What follows is a pictorial story of what transpired…absolute discretion is called to order…due to the tribute to “many nations”…


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