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Presidential Appointment for Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA)

Posted by GuruDan on June 2, 2009

Press Releases for TIWA – June 1st 2009


Cathy S. Ramsundar, a resident of Durham, was appointed President of the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA), the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Insurance Women (CAIW), at the Annual General Meeting held at the Toronto Board of Trade, First Canadian Place, on May 19, 2009. Her very first duty was the appointment of her Executive Board.



Picture shows the newly appointed Executive Board for the term 2009-2010. Standing from left to right are Lori Duclos, CAIW Director; Yvonne Hird, Executive Officer; Jacqueline Butler, Recording Secretary; Amanda Small, Executive Officer; Mary Lisi, Immediate Past President; Michele Mallet, Treasurer; and sitting left to right are Nancy Carnahan, First Vice President; Cathy S. Ramsundar, President and Michelle Cole-Kennedy, Second Vice President.


 Cathy S. Ramsundar is a Risk Management Professional specializing in Risk Analysis and Insurance Solutions for Automobiles, Homes, and Businesses. She attended Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as an undergraduate in Computer Science with a Business major. She continues to pursue professional courses and seminars to hone her knowledge and skills as an insurance broker. She is currently an Independent Insurance Broker, duly and legally licensed in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and operates as an Associate Insurance Broker of Mitchell Sandham Inc.

She has been in the general insurance arena since 1974. In addition to being an Associate Insurance Broker of Mitchell Sandham, Cathy acts as a public relations liaison between Mitchell Sandham and its many insurance suppliers it represents. She is always prepared to help with your insurance problems.

Cathy Lives in Pickering with her husband, two daughters, son-in-law, and two dogs, Oz and Jasper. Her office is located in Ajax.
Since moving to Ontario in 1988 Cathy has been a member, in excellent standing, with

· RIBO – Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario

· Insurance Brokers Association of Durham Region

· IBAO – Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

· TIWA – Toronto Insurance Women’s Association

She has been an active member of the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA) for almost ten years where she holds the position of President for the term 2009-2010, and heads the Executive Board.

Founded in 1960, TIWA is a not-for-profit association of members of the insurance industry who meet in a social atmosphere to educate members and help them reach their potential both professionally and personally. TIWA also promotes the spirit of friendship and service in the industry and high ethical standards in business and social relations.
Any person working within the insurance industry is eligible for membership in TIWA.
Joining TIWA is an affirmation to your peers, the industry and the consumer, whom you ultimately serve, of your dedication to the industry through your professional and personal growth.
The rewards are many and immediate. As a member of TIWA, you will have the opportunity to:
(a) belong to a dynamic, professional insurance industry association
(b) cultivate self-confidence, friendship, loyalty and networking
(c) meet your peers in the industry and keep current with the latest industry developments and events
(d) participate in special events such as Insurance Information Week and the regular Association meetings
(e) bring to fellow members your knowledge and expertise
(f) challenge yourself personally by competing in the annual public speaking and essay writing contest
(g) learn through RIBO accredited educational speakers, workshops and articles designed to broaden your knowledge, enhance your position and meet professional needs
(h) develop team leadership and working skills by working on one of the many TIWA committees.

TIWA will be hosting the CAIW 2009 Convention (Journey to Toronto – One city many nations) to be held at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto on June 3-7, 2009.

Information on membership can be obtained from its website, www.tiwa.org OR contacting Cathy S. Ramsundar at 1-866-527-8645 or her website, www.csrinsurance.ca





Picture shows Cathy with Peter Mitchell,
President of Mitchell Sandham Insurance Brokers.






Cathy with her family at the TIWA AGM – from left to right: Amara Ramsundar-Machado, daughter and TIWA member, Danny R. Ramsundar, husband, Cathy, and Charisse Ramsundar, daughter – the dogs, Oz and Jasper, were not allowed to attend even though Cathy wanted them to be there.



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